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This is nutritionally formulated blend for both broiler birds and beef animals. Concfeed meat booster in a 1kg packet printed in English and Arabic. It is a cocktail of multi enzymes ( e.g amylase, protease, gluconase), amino acids (e.g menthionine, lysine, cystine, etc) and natural organic growth stimulate.

  • Concfeed meat booster supplemented in the feed will lead to better utilization and feed conversion ratio.
  • Faster growth of broiler birds and beef animals.
  • Faster growth and required weight gain of layer grower birds.
  • Big and heavy birds.
  • Improved better chicks and animal health.
  • Improved disease resistance in birds animals.
  • Improved feed intake and saves the farmer of high feed costs

Add 1kg of concfeed meat booster to 100kg of finished feed.

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