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  • Glucovit is a yellow water soluble powder for both birds and animals.
  • It is a combination of Dextrose monohydrate, vitamins, Aminoacids mineral and electrolyte.
  • Glucovit is presented in a silver pack of 200g with a yellow sticker.


  • Provides energy and essential nutrients to brooder birds.
  • Glucovit helps birds to overcome stress caused by transport, vaccination, temperature fluctuation, change of environment, handling, etc.
  • Glucovit provides energy and vitality to birds and animals undergoing treatment.
  • Glucovit prevents early chick motality and improves the growth rate and health of birds.
  • Glucovit improves the immune status of birds.
  • Glucovit combates dehydration in animals and enhance productivity of the flocks.


  • Dissolve 50g (5 tea spoons) of Glucovit in 5litres of clean drinking water everyday for 1-2weeks for day old chicks.
  • In other aspects use; 2table spoons of Glucovit in 5litres of drinking water.

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