• These are quality selected vitamins, minerals, trace elements and vital ingredients for the better growth of birds and animals.
  • Our premixes are blended with multi enzymes to ensure digestability of the feed.
  • Premix GP and Eggomix are packed in 1kg pack within 25kg bag.
  • The packaging ensures proper safety from adultaration.
  • Premix GP is packed in a red printed white pack.
  • Premix GP is a dirty white semi fine powder.
  • Eggomix is also packed in a red and white 1kg pack.
  • Eggomix is a yellowish fine powder.


  • We source our vitamin from DSM nutritional products South Africa and Jordan.
  • Minerals from Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania.
  • We source our enzymes from Russia and Belgium.
  • Inclusion rate; 2kg of premix to 1 tonne of finished feed.

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