About Us

Concfeed  International Ltd is a leading manufacturer of poultry and animal feed additives in Uganda.
Concfeed  International Ltd entered into feed additives processing in 2005 which was spear headed by two directors these are Mr. Nsubuga Ismail and Mr. Musisi Kiguli.
It started operating at a lower profile as Concfeed Uganda producing two products that is concfeed meat booster and Concfeed egg booster.
Concfeed Uganda had a good start and built another company called Curabal Uganda Limited which was manufacturing Herbal remedies like: Kombat herbal cough syrup.

Curabal Uganda limited emerged into a big company producing a wide range of herbal products with their offices located in Wandegeya.
In 2009 Concfeed Uganda emerged into Concfeed  International Ltd. We increased on our list of products like:

  • Concfeed Meat booster
  • Concfeed Egg booster
  • Concfeed General Protocure
  • Premix GP
  • Eggomix (Commercial Layer Premix)
  • Glucovit
  • Concentrates.

In 2009 Concfeed  International Ltd assumed new premises in Kawempe Mbogo under the directorship of Mr. Nsubuga Ismail and Bamundaga Musa.
In 2012, Concfeed International Ltd constructed their processing factory in Kawempe Ttula.

In 2015 Concfeed  International Ltd invented new products.

  • Gumbo stop plus
  • Concfeed Brooder stove
  • Concfeed Poultry & Animal salt
  • Concfeed Environmental Conservation Briquettes

The company is managed under the principals of the companies act (CAP 110 of the laws of Uganda.)

Mr. Nsubuga Ismail:
Managing Director.
Mr. Nsubuga Ismail is a qualified Animal husbandry officer from Bukalasa Agricultural College.
Mr. Nsubuga Ismail has served in different positions during his studies and immediately after school.
He joined Goodman International Limited where he worked as the company medical representative veterinary section till 2006. He conducted a lot of seminars where he used to interact directly with farmers and seeked remedies for their problems mainly in the poultry sector.
Mr. Nsubuga achieved his goal of putting an end on the suffrage of poultry farmers due to poor and substandard feed ingredients in Uganda.

Mr .Bamundaga Musa is a young hardworking youth who completed his advanced level and acquired a certificate. He then joined College School where he acquired certificates in Business management and small-scale industry management.
He now heads the procurement department and also helps in the quality control department.

Our Bank: ABSA Bank Uganda Limited Kawempe branch

Plot 2522 Kampala Uganda

A/C: 6002859031

A/C Name: Concfeed International Ltd

Our Motto: Dedicated To Serve With Professionalism.

Our Mission: To perfectly produce and sell top quality feeds/feed additives and associated products that exceed customer expectations and guarantee continued market growth.

Our Objectives:

  • To create an entrepreneurial management culture at all levels of management.
  • To cultivate a balanced poultry feed safety /quality.
  • The quality of feed ingredients has an impact on the profit margin of the farmer. Concfeed recognises source of feeds always a major expense and must be utilised as efficiently as possible.
  • Poultry feeds safety is more important than ever before due to challenges faced by farmers in poultry production mainly in East Africa.
  • Concfeed recognises the safe poultry / animal feed as a prerequisite to safe food free of mycotoxins, salmonella, etc.
  • To share equitably with the employees and local communities the benefits derived from a profitable organisation.
  • To introduce new value added and low-cost products under the same roof.
  • To improve manufacturing technology and gain cost advantages over competitors.

•  Partnerships
Work together in partnerships, both internally and externally, to achieve shared goals.
•  Excellent Customer Service
Provide customers with excellent products and services.

•  Innovationconcfeeds-logo
We are committed to emerging technology for our products, processes and services. We seek improvement and innovation in every element of our business.
•  Respect
Treat everyone with dignity and interpersonal sensitivity, share information with staff, customers, and partners, act with integrity and listen and respond to the needs of our customers.
We conduct ourselves in accordance with our business rules and established code of ethics. We promote high standards of business practice, good corporate governance, and social responsibility.
•  Environment
Our workplaces and service reflect our value for the environment and will ensure safety and good health to all.

These are built around the following key performance indicators (KPI):
•    Corporate governance
•    Human capital management
•    Innovation and creativity
•    Environment and social responsibility
•    Financial management
•    Production management
•    Information and communication technology
•    Marketing management

Quality Management Principles
We have embraced the following ten principles:
•  Customer focus:-we depend on our customers and therefore all our activities are shaped towards fulfillment of their needs.
•  Leadership: -we have a focused leadership with a unity of purpose.
•  Involvement of people: -all staff are involved in the decision-making process for the achievement of company objectives.
•  Process approach:-resources and activities are well managed for proper correlation with outputs.
•  System Approach to Management:-approach to work activities is systematically organized to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.
•  Continual improvement:-we have adopted this as part of our everyday culture whereby we check and improve our processes for better performance.
•  Fact Based Decision Making: – We base our decisions on logical and intuitive analysis of data and factual information.
• Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships:-We believe in mutual relationships that enhance ability to create value.